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by LDSNana on December 5, 2008

“Grandparents can strengthen and inspire their grandchildren as they share their experiences, testimony, and faith. Their true stories of obedience, learning from mistakes, making sacrifices to reach eternal goals, and cheerfully facing problems can help children as they face similar experiences.  In addition to talking with their grandchildren, grandparents can record their testimonies and experiences in journals, which can uplift and teach family members now and in future generations.“  ~Teaching, No Greater Call

I happen to love quotes about grandparents and grandparenting; they really inspire me.   In fact, just recently – I took the time to post my favorite grandparent quotes over on Hubpages, where I publish about Mormonism, and other general topics.

I collected, what I believe, to be The 50 Best Quotes About Grandparenting.  This collection of grandparent quotes, is applicable to all grandparents.  However, I have a goal to create a new collection of grandparenting quotes, that are specifically dedicated to the LDS GrandParent.

As I have discussed before, the LDS GrandParent has a unique roll in their grandchildren’s lives.  Ours, is a relationship of covenant – and because of this knowledge, we have an even greater responsibility to understand this role.

LDS grandparenting

When I originally set out to find quotes about grandparents, my intention was to find everything that I could – about LDS grandparenting.  To my disappointment, I found this very difficult; and I am pretty darn good at researching.  I feel confident, that as time passes, and in the very near future – that we will hear more counsel from our leaders, directed toward the covenant role of the  LDS GrandParent.  I just feel it!

Now, I know that there are a few general authorities, and prophets who have made reference to a grandparent, but the actual role of the LDS GrandParent, has not really been discussed at much length.  Although this may seem strange, I believe it is because the focus is usually directed to counseling parents.  But you and I both know ,and understand – that the LDS GrandParent – is just a generation away; and is now a more “glorified” Parent.  So, much of what is discussed about LDS parenting – could also apply to grandparents.

However – today, there is an explosion of LDS GrandParents in the Church; and there is no doubt, that we have a very specific mission to fulfill in these last days.

Will you help me gather these LDS GrandParent quotes as they happen, and you become aware of them?  I hope that you will – because I am confident that they will come.  Whether this counsel, advice, etc… comes through LDS leaders, or those who write and speak about the LDS GrandParent - it will be a joy to collect them…

In fact, I was surprised that another website about being a grandparent, Grandparent TLC actually quoted “me”!  Make sure and visit the Packers – they are terrific grandparents; who just happen to be LDS.  They are also great teachers of using simple online technology, to connect with your grandchildren.

“For a beloved grandchild, a grandparent is a very important person – to be treasured and valued above most all other relationships. A righteous grandparent, who lives their lives to inspire and enrich the lives of their grandchildren, is worth untold – to those who cherish and love them dearly”. ~Kathryn Skaggs

Now, here is something else that I wrote, directed specifically to the LDS GrandParent – that felt inspired…

“Truly – being an LDS grandparent is the closest anyone of us will ever come, at least here and now – to enjoying the kind of perspective and relationship – that our wise Heavenly Father has with each one of His own children.” ~Kathryn Skaggs

Not too bad, eh?

Please feel free to leave in the comments section, here – any quotes about LDS grandparenting, that you are, or become aware of…  Ultimately, I will provide a section here on The LDS GrandParent Place – for a wonderful collection of quotes about the LDS GrandParent.



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clint 12.05.08 at 12:43 pm

Great Quotes, enjoyed reading this article

LdsNana 12.05.08 at 12:58 pm

Clint -

Thank you. I always enjoy your stopping by :-)


love2003 12.06.08 at 10:04 am

A family that loved each other was something that was beautiful to be enjoyed by us.

LdsNana 12.06.08 at 10:09 am

love2003 -

Thank you for sharing your link, and for stopping by…


Jodi 12.06.08 at 10:44 pm

One thing to consider these days, is that with so many mom’s needing to work, a lot of times day to day child care is falling to grandparents. So they literally have to play the role of parent quite often. I’ll keep my eyes open for lds specific grandparent quotes as well. They have an even stronger duty to their grandchildren as they are trying instill the gospel in them as well.

LdsNana 12.07.08 at 11:47 am

Jodi -

You are absolutely right about working mothers, needing the help of their parents in caring for grandchildren. I know how hard it is when both parents need to work outside of the home. How much peace it brings to know that their children are in the care of loving LDS GrandParents, who will support religious teachings and values.


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