Are There Rules For Being A Good GrandParent?

by LDSNana on March 17, 2009

Spending Time With GrandchildrenAs an LDS Grandparent, do you have specific rules, whether you have listed them or not – that you tend to stick to for good grandparenting practices?  To even consider that there just might very well be, a few basic rules for grandparents, might be big news to you!  Well, I have thought about it – and have even come up with a list of grandparenting rules, that I DO apply.  My rules for being a good grandparent, are quite simple.  When I sat down to determine what I thought would be the Best 10 Rules For GrandParents – here is what I came up with, from my personal experience…..

  1. Always have a small “sweet-treat” readily available, i.e. purse, pocket, etc…
  2. Refrain from having a “gift” every time you see your grandchildren.
  3. Always be willing to read to your grandchild, their favorite book.
  4. Have one-on-one dates, beginning after they are completely potty trained.
  5. Tell them you love them every time you see or speak with them, regardless of their age.
  6. Refrain from disciplining your grandchildren – unless safety is involved.
  7. Support the parents of your grandchildren – with their parenting style.
  8. Know what’s happening with your grandchildren’s education.
  9. Be involved with their extra-curricular activities, as time and distance permit.
  10. Arrange for frequent visits with your grandchildren.

Each one of these rules, or really guidelines for being a good grandparent – are fairly easy to apply.  Not only that, they are practical, too.  Although these are simple rules, they should have some interesting and long-term effects, that are important to your relationship as a GrandParent.  As you consider each one of these rules for being a good grandparent, you might consider asking yourself the question – WHY?

Lets take the first “rule” – which is a seemingly insignificant action:

Always have a small “sweet-treat” readily available, i.e. purse, pocket, etc…”

This is a habit, that as a grandparent, you can begin when your grandchildren are very young, and continue even into adulthood.  Why?  This rule works well, for a few reasons.  First, it sends a HUGE message, in a very small way – that you were thinking of your grandchild!  Second, it will assist you from falling prey to breaking RULE No. 2…

“Refrain from having a “gift” every time you see your grandchildren.”

I know all about this one, for I am a recovering gift-giving Nana! LOL  I can readily confess such a thing, because I know for a FACT, that there are many of you out there, still!  Grandparents do this, simply because they can – and because it brings such immediate pleasure to our grandchildren.  However – this is a major no-no!  Today, children suffer from issues of entitlement and the inability to delay gratification.  As responsible LDS GrandParents, we need to be aware of how our relationship with our grandchildren, could possibly encourage these negative expectations.

The LDS GrandParent, must understand that YOU are enough for your grandchildren.  They LOVE the time that you take to spend with them, playing, reading, sharing stories, and being taught what you know!  Grandparents are magic, themselves. When you walk through their door – there is light – and they will cleave unto you, because they know that you love them - and that you are *Their*  GrandParent!

As you ponder the other rules that are posted…  can you see how these simple suggestions, could strengthen your relationship with your own grandchildren?



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