Video: Funny Advice From Mormon GrandParents

by LDSNana on November 16, 2011

I have nine grandchildren, to date, and this cute video, featuring LDS GrandParents, has prompted me to make sure I’m giving sage advice to my grandchildren. That way, when they quote me in the future, I will sound intelligent and wise!

But in all seriousness, this video should remind us, as GrandParents, just how much influence we have with our grandchildren and how important it is that we not only make sure we are conscience of this, but that we are always taking opportunities to teach them the things that are of eternal importance — along side all of the fun stuff!



Mormon Video: I Am A Child of God

by LDSNana on May 23, 2011

As an LDS GrandParent, I know now more than ever — that each one of us truly are a child of God! I’m still amazed at the love I have for each one of my grandchildren. As a young mother, I adored my children and couldn’t imagine how that love could grown any stronger. I was wrong. Not only do I love my children now, with a greater depth than I did when they were young, but I love their children with this same intensity! I’ve mentioned before how this realization actually took my breath away when my first grandson was born.

I understand this phenomenon much more today. For me, it comes back to a deeper knowledge of exactly who I am and who they are, too. The primary children’s song “I Am a Child of God” teaches the profound doctrine that we are indeed divine! And it is with this perspective that I am better able to see those that I love. It helps me appreciate their imperfections all the more, as I now better understand the path to perfection that each one of us are on.

As I love my grandchildren today, with a purer love than I did my own children when they were young, I receive a small glimpse of the love that our Heavenly Father has for each one of His children. In small ways, as an LDS GrandParent, I’m beginning to get this whole Eternal Parenting thing. When we know who we are, our love for each other increases in capacity. I believe that this may well be an eternal principle!

I hope you enjoy this newest Mormon Messages Video: I Am a Child of God — and take time to share it with your family and friends.



Tell Your Grandchildren Who They Really Are!


The Best Gift EVER For All Occasions!

by LDSNana on May 13, 2009

The Best Gift Ever - A WebCam

The Best Gift Ever - A WebCam

LDS GrandParents are always wondering exactly what to give for that very special gift.   Regardless of whether the present you need to give is for a wedding,  new grandchild, birthday,  graduation or whatever — have I got the very BEST gift any LDS GrandParent could possibly give.  As we all know, keeping in touch with our family and loved ones — can be a challenge.  If you have any amount of distance separating you from your children and grandchildren – there are ways to make the distance momentarily disappear.

I’ve known about SKYPE for quite a while now, but just passed on by it.  I even have what is called a “webcam” built right into my computer that I have had for almost a year.   SKYPE is a FREE online way for you to connect face-to-face in real-time with anyone who also happens to have access to a “webcam”.   A WEB CAM is a small video camera that either is built directly into your computer – OR one that you can purchase very inexpensively and EASILY connect externally to your computer.

When two computers both have a webcam, you can download SKYPE for FREE onto your computer and connect LIVE to whomever you want to visit with and talk to, online!  How cool is this?

If you don’t have a WEBCAM built into your computer – you can easily purchase one at any department store.  However - I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND using an online site such as AMAZON.COM for choosing and purchasing a WEBCAM.   I shop online using  for just about every gift I give.  I do this for a number of reasons:

  1. Amazon gives you great product reviews from other consumers who have purchased a product.  You KNOW you are buying quality, with little chance of a return necessary.
  2. is very SAFE for making any online purchase.  You don’t need to worry that you might get scammed.
  3. SHIPPING COST are the best around.  I’ve even signed up for their “Prime Shipping” feature.  In this way, I pay one fee for the entire year and I can ship anything FREE or get it there in 2 days for around $3.00.  (If you are like me and need to get things out fast — this is for you, too)
  4. RETURNS are a breeze.  Whether you are purchasing for yourself or as a gift – AMAZON will pick-up from YOUR doorstep.
  5. AMAZON has just about ANYTHING that you can think of that you would want or need.  I purchase a lot of my LDS Books through Amazon.  They are cheaper and I have them faster.

Okay, enough plugging of Amazon.  But you must know that there is really nothing else like for easy shopping — particularly for grandparents.  Can you tell  that I’m a hug fan?

Back to the WEB CAM.  If you go to and do a search for “webcams”, you can easily read the customer reviews and choose one as a gift to send – no problem whatsoever. Make sure you pick up one for yourself, too.  Your life will never be the same once you have the ability to SKYPE with your family, friends and loved ones.

When my most recent grandchild was born, I gave my daughter’s family a WEBCAM, as a new baby gift.   In this short video, Ryan, her husband – is using it to SKYPE one of his missionary families in Brazil.  Upon my return home to California – I was thrilled when they SKYPED ME!

Shop NOW — Webcam Best Gift Idea EVER!




Lilacs Remind Me Of Motherhood

The Smell of Lilacs Remind Me of my of grandmother...

Being a MOTHER is wonderful, because for many of us – it eventually makes us GRANDMOTHERS!  And for THAT, I want to take this opportunity  to wish my three beautiful daughters –  a very HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!  I also want to let them know, that by their making me the happiest mother EVER and giving me such lovely grandchildren — I have forgotten EVERYTHING crazy they did, prior to their giving birth!

They should feel grateful that this redemption, did not cost them their first born!   But, come to think of it — that is one devious way to get to spend more time with my grandkids.  Oh heck, why rush it?  Soon enough, they will be begging me to come pick them up, so that they don’t kill one of them!   Awwwww —- wonderful blissful  motherhood

I’m going to brag right now.   I hope you don’t mind, too much.  Indulge me, just for this one post, because I just need to say a few things about my daughters.    They are such sweet mothers, and it is a privilege to observe each one of them as they  mother their own little ones.    I’m not saying they are  perfect – because as we all know, there is no such thing as the perfect mother — at least not in this life.   However, there ARE perfect grandchildren, of which I have NINE!   I bet you have a few, too.

What touches my heart, as their mother, and in particular as an LDS GrandParent, is seeing how they are teaching my grandchildren the principles of the gospel, in their homes.   I love to hear my grandchildren pray,  read the scripture and sing those heavenly primary songs that teach eternal truths.   It is a joy to see  these young children as they develop their own testimonies of Jesus Christ.   Children are naturally blessed with faith.  It is the wise mother that understands this and nurtures this growth from the time their children are very young.  I see this wisdom, in each of my daughters, as mothers.  Truly, nothing could make an LDS GrandParent more grateful than to see their grandchildren learn to exercise faith in the Lord.

Over on Hubpages, I published an article where I shared some of my feelings about being a mother  myself — along side of some beautiful quotes about the sacred calling of mothers, by LDS Leaders.

“Mother is not only a teacher, but even more – she herself, becomes the humblest of student. Mothers often are found – to be kneeling – at the very feet of a wise Father, who is in Heaven.

I will eternally be indebted to the leaders of the LDS Church, who have taught well – the sacred nature and responsibility of the role of motherhood. Through deeper understanding of the Plan of Salvation and the importance of the role of women in that plan – I now know, just how important my life’s work has been, and will continue to be – through the gift to all women, of – motherhood.” Kathryn Skaggs

From the perspective of an LDS Grandmother,  this quote is one of my  favorite….

President Gordon B. Hinckley on motherhood:

“Most of you are mothers, and very many of you are grandmothers and even great-grandmothers. You have walked the sometimes painful, sometimes joyous path of parenthood. You have walked hand in hand with God in the great process of bringing children into the world that they might experience this estate along the road of immortality and eternal life. It has not been easy rearing a family. Most of you have had to sacrifice and skimp and labor night and day. As I think of you and your circumstances, I think of the words of Anne Campbell, who wrote as she looked upon her children:

You are the trip I did not take;

You are the pearls I cannot buy;

You are my blue Italian lake;

You are my piece of foreign sky.

(“To My Child,” quoted in Charles L. Wallis, ed., The Treasure Chest [1965], 54)

You [mothers] are the real builders of the nation wherever you live, for you have created homes of strength and peace and security. These become the very sinew of any nation.” Gordon B. Hinckley, “Women of the Church,” Ensign, Nov 1996, 67

You can read the entire post on Hubpages -  “Motherhood – Inspirational Quotes By LDS Leaders”


To All Of The Daughters of Eve – Happy Mother’s Day!



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Swine Flu – What GrandParents Should Know!

by LDSNana on April 30, 2009

Helping Out With Sick Grandchildren

Helping Out With Sick Grandchildren

Every good grandparent at one time or another, is needed to help out with sick grandchildren.  The latest health concern that could affect not only ourselves, but also our grandchildren – is the recent outbreak of swine flu.   It seems like everywhere you turn, we are being barraged with information about swine flu.  Border states seem to be on highest alert.  Nevertheless — the uncertainty of this particular strain of influenza has many grandparents quite concerned.

As of right now, we really don’t know where this thing is going to go.  Schools are closing in some areas — and speculation about other types of businesses briefly closing their doors, to contain the spreading of the swine flu – are looming.  If these things happen in your area – and you need to help out with tending grandchildren — what should you know?

Over at – they decided to ask an expert.  They have covered what grandparents should know about the swine flu – to keep their grandchildren safe and healthy.  I thought this was important enough to share with my readers.

Answers to these questions:

How does the swine flu spread, and how can we protect ourselves and our grandchildren from possible infection?

Is it safe to take grandchildren to the supermarket, to play dates, and to public parks?

What possible changes would public-health authorities recommend?

Should families prepare for such measures?

If grandparents are able to babysit for the grandchildren, should they offer to do so in lieu of sending the kids to daycare?

How long does it take for swine flu to incubate in a person?

What are the signs of swine flu that we should be alert to?

How can we tell the difference between swine flu symptoms and those of the common cold?

How should families prepare in case their children get infected?

Will wearing a face mask help protect us from swine flu?

How long will it be before we know how badly the global community will be affected by swine flu?

Make sure and head on over to and read the excellent advice and information that is available for helping us take care of ourselves and families – during this recent health concern.




Meet Parker — My Newest Grandson

by LDSNana on April 23, 2009

Welcome to little Parker

Welcome To The World, Parker

I just returned from Georgia, after spending a week getting to know my newest grandchild.  He’s beautiful.  He reminds me of his big sister, Skylee, when she was born.  He has many of the same newborn quirks as Skylee did, which makes us all laugh.   Parker definitely belongs to the Allen family.  I think he knows it, too.  He fits in perfect!

Parker Robert Allen, bears his Papa’s first name, as his middle name.  So does his cousin, who was born only a few days before him, Seth Robert Paul. As you can imagine, Papa is quite honored, to say the least.  I must say, that these two grandsons will always have someone to look up to, and emulate as they go forward throughout their lives.  Someone who is worthy of emulation.

I can’t believe that after all of the anticipation for the births of these two latest grandsons, that we are now, on the other side.  They are both here, and healthy.  What a blessing!  Moms are recovering and adjusting to their newest additions.  Nana is finally home, and needing a vacation! LOL

The full responsibilities of motherhood, are for the young — I’m certain of that.  Although, I know that many grandparents today, are actually fulfilling the role of parents to their grandchildren, for various reason.  I salute you!

After my husband picked me up from the airport last night, I shared with him how grateful I am, that I have been able to help my daughters, after the birth of each of our grandchildren.  It has been a privilege for me, as well as a beautiful blessing.  I love watching each one of my daughters, as they truly fall in love with their children.  Of course, I am right there with them, and perhaps that is why I see it so clearly.  It is probably one of the most beautiful experiences that we as grandparents witness in our lives.  Love is a powerful motivator, for what parents willingly endure and sacrifice in this life, for their children.  It’s hard to imagine what we as parents would not do for our children.  I know that I’ve said this before, but LDS GrandParenting - is a profound glimpse into eternal love.

And to think, that it is going to get better, and richer and deeper – than anything that we can imagine in this life!




Welcoming A New Grandchild

by LDSNana on April 13, 2009

Nana Meets Seth

Nana Meets Seth At The Hospital

I can’t believe that it has been two weeks today – since my 8th grandson, Seth Robert Paul, was born; and that I haven’t blogged about it YET!  That’s not to say that I haven’t been active on both Facebook and Twitter, etc…   I’ve twittered and text about it, as well as kept my Facebook status very current on what has been going on.  That’s pretty easy.  Sitting down to blog takes a little more time, and until today — a commodity that was on short supply for this Nana.

Since my last post about this wonderful event “A Nana In Waiting” - soooo much has happened.  As expected, Seth was born that very evening – weighing in at a whopping  6lbs 13oz -  Perfect in every way!  The next afternoon, my son-in-law escorted myself and three grandchildren to the hospital for a very happy visit, to meet their new little brother, Seth.  Needless to say, they were thrilled with this new tiny bundle of joy.  The expressions on each of their faces as they held Seth for the first time, were priceless.  I too, was completely overwhelmed and found myself immediately teary-eyed, upon gazing and holding him for the first time.  (pictured above)

As planned, I took over the mommy duties while in Texas.  I awoke children very early in the morning, to get them fed and dressed.  Taxied them to school, pre-school, ballet and soccer.  Assisted with homework.  Washed hair and brushed teeth.  Read books.  Cooked dinner.  Did laundry.   And oh — how it brought back memories!   Young mothers are kept so busy with the physical aspect of caring for their children.  It is a good busy, but can be very exhausting!

Ethan, Elenna and Eliese

Grandchildren - Ethan, Elenna and Eleise

Last Thursday, after almost two weeks, I returned home to California.  I’m missing them already.   I’m home right now, for a much needed rest, and will head to Georgia on Wednesday.  As many of you are well aware, I had two daughters, expecting babies about a week apart.  As things went, these two grandsons ended up being born with only two days in between.  You can imagine all the excitement of waiting for two babies to be born, within one week!

Today, I’m feeling well rested – after a lovely Easter weekend.  I’m looking really forward to traveling to Georgia, to meet my other new grandson, Parker.  I will of course, blog about him, too!

Being an LDS GrandParent, is really the best part of life!  It is joy undescribable to see your own children become parents themselves.  It is difficult to express the deep love that is felt, for these beautiful grandchildren that become the “next” generation.  It is comforting to behold what excellent hands that they have been placed within.

LDS GrandParenting is truly a glimpse into Eternity — and so far,  I’m loving what I see!




The Twelve Apostles

The Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ

Here is a really FUN SONG to help your grandchildren memorized the names of the LDS Apostles! When I was a Seminary teacher a few years back, we used this song to help our students learn the names of the current Mormon prophets — particularly around LDS General Conference time. As life goes, there are changes to the  Apostles – and this song is often updated when need be — this is the newest version of the LDS Apostles Song – adding in most recently, Elder Neil L. Andersen.

I also love that an interesting fact about each Apostle is worked into the song, to help us learn a little bit more about our beloved leaders – other than just their names.  This information could also lead to some interesting conversations about each of these humble men, and the lives that they have lived.  There is so much that we can learn from these great prophets of God.